At some point marketing became an “OR” industry around the same time clients evolved to an “AND” mentality. Here at GarrandPartners, we believe by thinking “AND,” we never cut ourselves off from the possibility of something brilliant waiting just around the corner. “Or” thinking is the enemy of “what if.” “AND” thinking embraces abundance.



25 years ago, our founder fell in love with a place and an industry at a time when they were both pretty cold and irascible places for a young lady. Today, GarrandPartners still embodies the tenacity, creativity and resourcefulness our founder displayed to launch our Maine agency all those years ago.




While almost everyone at our agency has global brand experience they’ve brought with them from “away,” some of our most valued working partners are found outside our space. We are always curating the right-sized solution that solves the problem. Call us crazy, but we believe you should only pay for the solution that fits the opportunity, and not for a trendy new department we’re financing in-house.



As good Maine craftsmen, being frugal perfectionists comes to us honestly. We eat, sleep and breathe your business problem before we sit down to take a cut at a creative solution. That means lots of digging, questioning, sorting and pizza. Armed with all that information, we then build solutions that are born of equal parts passion and precision. We call it being Brilliantly Practical. Or just being Mainers.




There’s a lot that surprises people about Portland, Maine, like our great restaurants, music scene and creative community. Maybe the most surprising is our agency. From this amazing little city, we deliver world-class solutions that are more insightful, creative and affordable than our publicly-traded ad brethren.

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