Chief Executive Officer


When Mrs. DesJardins, the Lewiston fortune-teller, predicted that then Bates freshman, Brenda Garrand, would marry a guy with a hammer and build her life and career in Maine, it seemed unlikely if not impossible. After all, how could a girl with designs on a career in media make a go of it above the tree line?


Fast forward—Brenda is the proud CEO of one of New England’s best-respected agencies, owning a firm deeply rooted in the local Maine community with a strong tradition of service and involvement, as well as brand thinking and execution whose impact is felt throughout the country.


From humble beginnings at the kitchen table, GarrandPartners has grown to become a regional powerhouse with a top-flight staff and enviable clients from all over the country who love to come to Maine to get a whiff of what makes the work so good.


One of Ad Age’s Best US Places to Work in Marketing and Media, winner of a national NFL Superbowl advertising competition and proud agency to countless regional and national clients like Dunkin’ Donuts, SYLVANIA and the Hood family of brands, GarrandPartners punches above its weight strategically, creatively and in terms of the stunning results it obtains for its clients.


So, as it turns out, Mrs. DesJardin was right. Brenda stayed and married the construction guy with the hammer — who now practices law. And Maine turns out to be a pretty splendid place for an agency (and a family) to grow. But what no one could predict (including the amazingly clairvoyant Mrs. DesJardins) was that even after 25 years in business, GarrandPartners would still be the “love of her life.”