Media Director


Christine developed her skills through direct response campaigns at Time-Life Media, which was perfect preparation for today’s media demands of demonstrated return on investment, and real-time tracking and metrics.


At GarrandPartners, Christine directs media plan strategies and recommends the best media and budget allocations to achieve results. For Maine Medical Center, she developed and crafted the paid search campaign that consistently outperforms industry averages for search results, efficiency and effectiveness. She also directed planning of digital and traditional media that built brand awareness and favorability for Maine Med.


Nationally and internationally, Christine developed media recommendations to generate measurable business results for MAPFRE Insurance, using digital, and traditional advertising to increase brand awareness and favorability. For Bailey’s Coffee Creamers, she directed media to deliver on a daypart strategy in the digital space, something no other advertisers had done at the time.


Earlier in her career, at Time Life Media, Christine directed the planning and analysis for specific targets, and was responsible for sales of music collections to boomer males, urban and Hispanic audiences. Her testing and measurement disciplines ensured profitable return on all media investments made by Time Life in their markets. That’s a habit she continues to this day for GarrandPartners’ clients.