Lorraine Wark
Experiential Director


With over 25 years at the helm of Garrand Experiential, Lorraine’s experience and influence has been felt by almost every one of our clients. Her expertise in bringing brands to the hands (and mouths) of consumers is what makes her invaluable to our clients and beloved to our agency.


Long before other companies were even using the word experiential, GarrandPartners had created a robust experiential practice that turned products into brand experiences. Starting in 1999, Lorraine and her experiential team launched our original experiential practice around our oldest and dearest client Hood Milk. Whether it’s been the Hood Milk Money Tour in Maine, the Bone Zone Tour product launch of Hood Simply Smart Milks, the wildly successful Hood New England Dairy Cook Off, or the Heluva Good! NASCAR Tour that toured 32 races and generated 800,000 samples, experiential remains an integral and successful part of Hood’s marketing mix.


From planning and budgeting to implementation and result reporting, Lorraine’s experiential expertise continues to build grassroots trial and enthusiasm around products and launches to add an extra kick to our marketing solutions.


While Lorraine has been with us 25 years, her boundless energy continues to keep her on the road logging thousands of miles a year and fueling tens of thousands potential brand advocates for our clients. This summer alone she traveled the state of Maine introducing Dunkin’ Donuts’ new Dark Roast to 25 communities and countless days in Hannaford Supermarkets signing up over 1,000 customers for our innovative recycling client CLYNK.


Lorraine loves her job as our Experiential Director, but she’ll be the first to tell you that what she really loves is just watching consumers fall in love with her clients’ brands firsthand.